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Corknine designs and builds premier apps and powerful themes for Shopify.

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Sky Pilot App

Easily upload and sell music, movies, pictures, pdf files, or any other type of file.

Charge Rabbit App

Sell memberships in Shopify and Receive recurring payments from your customers.

Pipeline Theme

A powerful Shopify theme with a modern look, integrated with Corknine Apps.

Apps to supercharge your Shopify store

  • Sky Pilot

    Attach downloadable or streaming files to your shopify products and provide access to your customers from your shopify store immediately after their purchase.

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  • Charge Rabbit

    Earn recurring revenue using Charge Rabbit to add the power of Stripe subscriptions to your shopify store.

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Pipeline Theme

Pipeline features a responsive meganav, flexible product pages, parallax image scrolling, full-height homepage images, six languages, HTML5 background video, and more.

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  • Ryan Testimonial

    "My team & I installed and tested every single digital download app before deciding to use SkyPilot to compete with iTunes to deliver over 5000 copies (in the first day) of my album to members of my #Renegades music club. The result: 5000+ satisfied listeners and a savings of $15,000+ in iTunes distribution fees."

    Ryan Leslie, #RENEGADES.

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "Charge Rabbit has made it easy for me to have a recurring membership product for my customers."

    Nev Lapwood, Snowboard Addiction

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